Sheree Vincent


I envisioned starting this project in 2016 as a way of combining my 2 passions - a love for gardening and its therapeutic benefits and also working with children and young people.  


I have worked with young people for over 20 years across the statutory, voluntary and private sector in range of settings and so have experience of working with a range of young people who have or are experiencing various issues or challenges.  

I understand the therapeutic benefits of gardening having personally experienced it myself during illness and feel that starting a project like this could be extremely beneficial to children and young people, not just for their emotional and mental well being but also supporting their physical and social well being and development.

I am passionate about the need for children to be able to experience as positive a childhood as they can and to be able to access provisions like the CYP Gardening Project, that will support this.


Irene Antwi - Chair of the board of Trustees -Background within the statutory and voluntary sector for over 20 years. A qualified  social worker,  volunteer appropriate adult for young offenders and advocate for child abuse victims.

Sabrina Bovell - Background in education with over 20 years experience working with children in alternative education provisions, currently working as an trainee educational psychologist for a local authority.

Rian Davis - Treasurer - Background in Business management and finance.

The project is supported by a group of well experienced and passionate volunteers

Howard Baines - Over 30 years experience within the statutory and voluntary sector  Howard

Consultation is taken from various other professionals as required.