Potting up some Lavender
Trimming some baby leeks
Selecting herbs
sowing seeds for overwintering veg
picking blackberries
Looking for the rip cherries
Let's get to work!
Black Magic Sunflower!
tasting a cucumber straight off the vine
propagating strawberries
Having tasted a nasturtium leaf...
Painting bird houses
Propagating Fatsia
Fatsia cuttings
We love beneficial bugs
Tuplis in bloom
doing our bit for the environment
pretty - in bloom
planting out violas
sowing potatoes in raised beds
marigolds for the tomatoes
planting out the miniature rose bushes
Harvesting potatoes
Daffodils in bloom
micro greens in guttering
Tomato seedlings
Painting birdhouses
Daffodils nearly up_
Lavender and Rosemary
Adding canes to support the beans
Strawberry plant roots
clearing the lettuce bed
Happy with his carrots
mini bell peppers
harvesting the Pea shoots
planting some Chinese greens - Ogi Tatso
That's what we call fresh juice
prepping the carrot bed
great little harvest to take home
lots of brassicas to be planted
propagating strawberry runners
Planning the Alpine bed
Propagating Strawberry plants
watering micro-greens sown in guttering
Harvesting some blackberries..
Harvesting white and purple potatoes
Wellbeing week
potato plants
Our certificates & Rewards!
collecting woodchip
raised bed
purple carrot painting
The Humble bumble!
Digging Callaloo
dead heading
Destiny Terrarium
Blue bird house
Carrot man
Pollock Birdhouse
Lavender and rosemary
lady bird
Harvesting Carrots 2
Huge couregtte
Croydon Group
preparing seed bed 2
pruning Lemon Balm
sisters microgreens
watering the beetroot
watering spring onions
Save the bee
de-seeding poppy heads
straw to mulch the corn
Using his imagination to make a pond
arts and crafts
Larvae of the cinnabar moth
harvesting some more edible flowers
Hanging baskets made off site
Anyone for a bell pepper?
dead heading the flowers
Grouting bird watering plate
Making Lavender sachets off site session
Harvesting lavender to make sachets
sowing seeds
Peas in a pod!
whats over there?!
Cutting off the carrot tops
purple potatoes - inside and out!
mulching the corn plants
Captivated by snails
Digging for 'Gold'
Painting Flower pots
There's a ladybird!
let the digging begin
lettuce seedlings
'pricked  out' lettuce
Watering the Strawberry plants
forking over the soil
New Project T-shirts
Stand is set up.
With The Mayor or Croydon who is also th
'The Voice 2019'Contestant Roger Samuels
'Croydon Has Talent 2019' Host wears our
Project Flyers
Colouring a nature themed canvas
Roger Samuels from 'The Voice 2019'
repotting Strawberry plants
Lovely variety of Potatoes
Watering the seeds just sown
Beautiful Cosmos
Doing some deadheading
Potting up some cuttings
End of another great session
Designing the site sign
We love watering
Seeds of edible flowers
Colourful Chard
Plum tree in bud
Pumpkin seedlings
Job done!
Pepper and tomato harvest
Worms busy at work
Strawberry harvest
Beautiful colour