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What do we do ?

We recognise the value that gardening has in promoting well being across all ages.  Research has shown that gardening can be particularly beneficial in helping to develop the following in children and young people:

  • Self esteem

  • resilience

  • Confidence

  • Leadership skills

  • improved social skills

  • A sense of achievement

  • improved attention span and focus

  • Improvement in behaviour   

   and so much more.​

We welcome all children and young people, who may or may not initially have an interest in gardening, or who may not have access to a garden at home.  We feel the project would really benefit those children and young people deemed vulnerable such as those who are Looked After, on the edge of care, those at risk of offending, affected by disruption of education. those with SEN,  young people affected by bullying, bereavement and the myriad of other challenges that children and young people may be facing.

How do we do it?


We primarily work with children and young people aged 4 years +.  Who reside or attend school in the borough of Croydon.  We will consider children & young people from surrounding boroughs based on the availability of sessions.

We offer a 1 hour introductory/taster session and up to 5 more sessions with the option to continue.


Sessions will take place in either small groups (up to six with a maximum 2 year age difference)  or where requested and agreed on a 1:1 basis


Sessions will take place weekly, though where possible variations can be made to accommodate the needs and wants of the referrer and child e.g. more frequent  or less frequent sessions.


Staff and volunteers

Safeguarding children is of paramount importance to us.  All of our team have enhanced DBS and other relevant checks.  We adopt a culture of continual vigilance and enhance our practice through relevant training.

The team have well over 100 year combined experience in working with children and young people across the statutory, voluntary and private sector in a range of different settings across all age groups and so are well equipped in working alongside children and young people who may present with a range of issues and challenges, from different backgrounds and life experiences.

It is our shared vision to enhance the well being of children and young people that makes this project a success.